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One racing turtleOne traveling tunaOne vacationing sharkTwo wandering seabirds...And one big ocean.Tag along! High-tech satellite tags have revolutionized the study of large ocean predators--animals that often can't be kept in captivity or observed easily in the wild. Over the years I wrote a...
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"In The Bride Minaret Heather Derr-Smith explores the complex and difficult realities of our global world more comprehensively and comprehendingly than most American poets consider even attempting. Often paying close attention to those displaced and/or disconnected from the society around them...
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"Although Heather Smith's astonishing first book is located, mostly, in the conflagration of human meaning that was Bonia in the 1990's, it's a collection that, in an unforgettable way, examines the terrifying bitterness and danger of contemporary life, when There are flashes of light strobing...