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The weekly poker game was at Bob’s but he had to baby sit his six year old twin boys.  Before they could even deal Bob was off to the other room three times.  He returned and another racket ensued.  So Randy said, “I’ll take care of it.”  Randy returned and there was silence for an hour. Bob said...
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Warning: do not read this book at a wake, on a precipice, or with a full bladder. Unless you're a humorless fan of Cher, Michael Jackson, Barbra Striesand, or Mick Jagger, Wilson's turbo, heat-seeking essays about fame, the bane of our commodified culture, will induce bent-double, breathless...
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When Motown Records founder Berry Gordy coined the term “the sound of young America” in 1960, he believed that his new sound would break down the barriers between black and white popular music. Through a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of circumstances and people, Gordy brought together some of the...