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A worldwide earthquake. A planet in chaos. Reality’s fabric—space, time, matter—unraveling. Into this, a man without a past awakens. The time is moments from now. Earth has just been struck by a catastrophic worldwide quake. As the survivors stagger toward an impossible recovery, they discover...
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   "Fear of Moving Water" was a 2010 runner-up for the Brockman Campell Prize(Best North Carolina Poetry Collection) and the Oscar Arnold Young Award(Best Collection by a  North Carolina Poet.)   http://www.windpub.com/books/movingwater.htm  "I've always believed that poetry...
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The Bridge of Silver Wings 2009 is, technically, the fifth book of poetry by the Savannah, Georgia (USA) born author Aberjhani, whose previous titles in the genre are: I Made My Boy out of Poetry; Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black; The Bridge of Silver Wings; and ELEMENTAL, The Power of...
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In Beyond Words, the authors have compiled a perfect potpourri of New Age information. This book would make a welcome addiction to the libraries of all those who are seeking enlightenment. The authors have prepared an ambitious glossary of terms used in New Age parlance. The smorgasbord is a...
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Mark Victor Hansen says of this book, "God is everywhere...allow this book to bring you into that awareness." From something as commonplace as washing dishes to something as profound as confronting our deepest fears; from something as magnificent as the everlasting mountains to something...
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This delightful book dives into the mythological and metaphysical history of water – such as water deities, mermaids, ritual baths, and sacred springs. Croutier surveys bottled waters, warns of pollution, and global over-consumption. She devotes short, entertaining sections to water rituals,...
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Unemployed after graduation, Kenneth McNary seeks inspiration on the Appalachian Trail. He never suspected that it would find him first. Ken is transported to a fairytale world by a god-like sentience and is tasked with uniting the world’s denizens for a coming war—a war with eternal consequences...