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In Vintage Soul, a beautiful 300 year old vampire is stolen from beneath her lover’s nose, despite arcane security.  There is no demand for ransom, and there are no clues.  When Donovan agrees to look into the matter, he finds that he’s up against a lot more than a single kidnapping – and it...
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How do we safeguard our children in a changing and dangerous world? And what if the greatest danger is from ourselves?
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How do you know if love is real or just an illusion? When Mel Snow meets the talented magician Toby Warring in a dusty roadside bar, she is instantly drawn to the brilliant performer whose hands can effortlessly pull stray saltshakers and poker chips from thin air and conjure castles out of the...
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This year at the Wandless Academy feels all wrong to Thea. Her best friend, Magpie, will barely give her the time of day. Ben's been moody and dismissive. Since when did Tess have a boyfriend? And why is Humphrey May, agent for the Federal Bureau of Magic, lurking around the Academy? Thea is...
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In a pristine valley hidden in the Himalayas, Anand has a disturbing vision. His mentor and spiritual guide, the Master Healer Abhaydatta, is apparently in grave danger. What should he do? If he conveys this information to his elders, he’ll waste precious time. But is it wise to take matters into...
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After destroying Elizabeth Wither, the leader of a murderous coven of witches, Wendy Ward thought the ancient evil was defeated. She was wrong. Wither cursed Wendy and now the young Wiccan must use her supernatural gifts to defeat a seven-foot-tall monster with razor-sharp teeth and a taste...
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When the ancient, demonic entity once known as Elizabeth Wither finds a human host, a new reign of terror begins in the town of Windale, Massachusetts. Now Wendy Ward, a college student with a gift for white magic, stands alone against the evil of Wither's rain.
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When Dreamer, Lily, and Sir Elo return to King Solren, they bring along a large entourage of fey descendants from Otherworld as well as information that will decide the future between the two worlds.  The king decides to hold a council meeting and commissions Dreamer and Lily to invite the other...
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Acclaimed as an instant classic on its original publications and eagerly sought by students of magic ever since, Paths of Wisdom is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of the magical Cabala, as practiced in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and most other contemporary...
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Linnet's life is strange already.  She's used to Wyrmesbury's weird earthquakes, the odd effects of her dad's peculiar Brews and the secretive ways of the villagers.  But then two of her friends vanish, and she discovers that she is the Maiden Guardian--a job that no one can prepare for.  Linnet...