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Unnatural celebrity deaths and unnaturally celebrated murders pockmark the history of Los Angeles, looming as large in the public imagination as the Hollywood stars themselves. Death in Paradise is the first authorized history of Los Angeles by way of its coroner's office, revisiting important or...
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In Frances Dinkelspiel's groundbreaking history, the early days of California are seen through the lens of the life of one man, Isaias Hellman, California's premier money-man of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hellman's story captures a pivotal moment in American history: the rise of...
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A wry and haunting first novel from a fresh Iranian-American writer, Sons and Other Flammable Objects is a sweeping, lyrical tale of suffering, redemption, and the role of memory and inheritance in making peace with our worlds. Growing up, Xerxes Adam is painfully aware that he is different—with an...
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LAUREL CANYON tells the true story of the remarkable events that transpired in the eucalyptus-scented canyon above the Sunset Strip where, in the 1960s and 1970s, an unprecedented community of musicians gathered and melded folk, rock and savvy American pop into a sound that conquered the world as...
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Rockabye is Rebecca Woolf’s heartfelt and often hilarious account of what happens when an irrepressible young city girl gets pregnant by accident and decides to keep the baby and marry the boyfriend. Forced to come of age almost overnight, Woolf charts her transformation from odd-job doing,...
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The Commuters is a novel composed of intersecting stories about people who live in Los Angeles. From an immigrant garment worker, struggling to exist in an often cruel city, to a lonely foster child, who uses arson to express himself, Klein's novel delicately and deftly probes the inner lives of...
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The Brazil of the imagination is shattered in Samba Dreamers, a novel of two Brazilians in America who wrestle with the myths of movies, politics, and the American Dream. José Francisco Verguerio Silva, fleeing the brutal Brazilian dictatorship,  arrives at Los Angeles International Airport and...
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 Hollywood's citizenry has always leaned toward the dramatic and the sensational, and its ghosts are no exception. The history of Hollywood unfolds as Laurie takes you into the oldest studios and hotels, the most glamorous theaters and nightspots, and beautiful homes from Beverly Hills to Hollywood...
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FBI agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family in Disneyland when he gets a call from the director. A top actress has been shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Shortly afterward, an editor for the Los Angeles Times receives an email recounting the murder in shocking detail, signed Mary...