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(Also available for purchase as an eBook at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.) The Vietnam War is on the nightly news and women are burning bras in the fast-changing world of the 1960s, but thirty-year old Laura wonders why her choice as a feminist couldn't be to have a baby without marriage. Laura...
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            One of the most successful and daring real estate developments in U.S. history was the building of Levittown, Long Island, in 1947. Although it became the prototype modern suburb, it was more reviled than appreciated during the...
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 Chester Earl Costagravas needs to get hold of some wedding money before his Julietta leaves him for someone offering her a better reception.  First, there’s the thousands of dollars on the table, just begging to be heisted, at Dr. Bohansen’s weekly poker game.  Then there’s the stolen Yogomani...
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     Thirty years ago in high school, Audrey McKenna could drive Joe LaLuna blind with her beauty and her secrets, with a Coke on the side.     Now Joe is an ace Long Island homicide detective, and she's a murder suspect, still using her beauty and secrets and coke to blind lovers like Joe.
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                  Jay Tasti and Albert Niklozak grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in a tough little section of Long island called Duck Alley. The sounds of garbage cans clattering and railroad cars rumbling by were usually drowned out by their teary-eyed laughter.       The friendship held steady...
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A devastating tragedy serves to reunite two friends from childhood in this emotionally compelling and sexually charged first novel from an exciting new voice in fiction.