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The essays in this book weave together the varied strands of experience that contribute to a feminist activist life. The essays touch on many topics: her coming out to her family at a movie theatre; learning to swim; her father's elegance; the bond between Blacks and Jews; the influence of writer...
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In Book Savvy, Cynthia Katona has compiled a complete handbook for students and lovers of literature. Based on Katona's thirty-one-year career of teaching introductory literature to college freshmen, this book aims to teach not only how to read literature but also how to actually enjoy reading it....
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Stories that defy the taboos and sacred cows of the late twentieth-century
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Few regions in the United States confound and fascinate Americans like Appalachia, and yet no other region has been so misrepresented by the mass media. With humor, intelligence, and clarity, Jeff Biggers's groundbreaking work shows how a remarkable procession of innovators from the hills of...
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Hip-hop is one of the most important global arts movements of the past two decades, moving beyond rap music to transform theater, dance, performance, poetry, literature, fashion, design, photography, painting, and film. Through essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, and more, Total Chaos, a...
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An illuminating guide to finding one's most powerful writing tool, Finding Your Writer's Voice helps writers learn to hear the voices that are uniquely their own. Mixing creative inspiration with practical advice about craft, the book includes chapters on: Accessing raw voice Listening to voices of...
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This collection of essays from "Forbes ASAP's" annual "Big Issue" has been hailed by both readers and critics alike. Stanley Crouch called the "Big Issue," the "last great bastion of the essay," famed historian Stephen Ambrose said it was his favorite...
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There may be no funnier species in the literary universe than a Southern writer on a roll. The richest vein of American humor - the broadest, the earthiest, the most outrageously inventive - can be found below the Mason-Dixon line, where the comic impulse just naturally seems allied to the native...
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“Betcha I can tell ya / Where ya / Got them shoooes. / Betchadollar, / Betchadollar, / Where ya / Got them shoooes. / Got your shoes on your feet, / Got your feet on the street, / And the street’s in Noo / Awlins, Loo- / Eez-ee-anna. Where I, for my part, first ate a live oyster and first saw a...