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Who knew that Mexico once had a half-American prince? Or that this little boy’s future was hotly debated not just in Mexico but in Washington D.C. and in every court in Europe? Set in the mid-19th century when Maximilian von Habsburg was Emperor of Mexico, THE LAST PRINCE OF THE MEXICAN EMPIRE is...
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To change the world, you need to take risks. That's something Carol Schwartz knows bone deep. And it's something she's prepared to do. She learned about risk as a girl when her father never came back from the Vietnam war. Now a Berkeley-educated idealist, Carol tutors high school and engages in...
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 From the Director of the Abroad Writing Competition:  "What a magnificent short story... It was so moving and beautiful! For days afterwards, I found myself thinking about your story..." Mater Amabilis is about belief, grief, inner reality and illusion. A mother has lost her sons. Or has...
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A collection of conversations with some of the foremost stylists and influential fiction writers working today. Authors featured include James Crumley, Elmore Leonard, James Sallis, Ken Bruen, Daniel Woodrell, James Ellroy, Craig Holden and Pete Dexter, among many others. CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION  ...
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Moods of Motherhood: thirty poems by award-winning poets Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, with original photography by May Lattanzio. A beautifully presented, tender and strikingly original gift book, ideal forMother's Day or any day when you want to celebrate the notion of motherhood...
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Love, death, humor, and the glue called family are the elements of this sometimes intense, often funny collection of short stories. As novelist David Scott Milton explains, "In this collection, Christopher Meeks examines the small heartbreaks of quiet despair that are so much a part of all our...
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Portland homicide detective Skin Kadash just wants to survive cancer treatment so he can get back to work he loves. But when his partner tries to drag him into an unofficial investigation of a series of deaths, he’s not interested — he’s dead-dog sick and doesn’t need the grief — until she reveals...
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Eight enthralling stories bound by one incident. One truth begets another as a passionate tale of confrontation in a San Francisco restaurant travels from eyewitnesses to others. Each protagonist views the attack through an emotion-stained lens, the story taking on a life of its own as filtered...
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Book Description Advance praise for Dead On "Dead On by Ann Kelly is a stunning first novel that blends ghostly happenings, romance, eroticism, time travel, and intrigue into a genuine page-turner ... I highly recommend it."-Jonathan Maberry, author of Stoker Award WinnerGhost Road...