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From the moment writer Jenny Ceretti spots Susan Fredrickson at the Village Coffeehouse, her serene life begins to change. As their friendship explodes into a tempestuous love affair, Jenny discovers that all is not as it appears. While Susan is haunted by a terrifying past, Jenny comes face-to-...
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The Holocaust played out in microcosm on a tiny island in the English Channel allowed to be occupied by the Germans. The little-known Surrealist artists/lovers/Resistance propagandists Claude Cahun (Lucille Schwob) and Marcel Moore (Suzanne Malherbe) feature prominently. The behavior of the...
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Tragic loss is the theme of this book of poems. There is no place as safe as a blank page to pour the contents of a grieving heart, within this volume you will find the Rorschach test created from the blood and bile of a life torn in two. This is not a joyful tomb but it is testimony to great love...
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This is a chronicle of ten fierce years; snapshots of happy times, sad times, love coming together and love torn apart. The writing style varies dependant on the topic, the mood, the moon. Like a written form of I Spy, the images can be misleading and the subjects may be obscure. Find here the...
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"Gospel, like all good preaching, is both deftly reflective and full of rafter-rattling truths. In a voice stamped with her definitive, soul-drenched signature, Samiya Bashir blesses us with a roadmap for the living of our fractured and uprooted lives, forcing us to take an unflinching look at...
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Excerpt from A Woman's Body Was Found There.
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excerpts from A Woman's Body Was Found There.  This novel follows the migrations and relations between two families and five women:  Sylvia, Olivia Red Sky, Alecia, Jana and Johnnie Johnson.  Their stories trace a migratory triangle across the Sierra Nevada, from Reno to Land's End at Ocean Beach,...
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Can a two-timing, Twelve-stepping, twenty-something temptress find happiness with a nun?   Claire McMinn has three goals:  to stay sober, to stay away from sex, and to get into film school.  As Verge begins, her last goal is jeopardized when a past affair with a professor’s wife catches up with her...
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Recognized as perhaps the world's most queer destination, San Francisco has a long, storied history of embracing--and influencing--gay and lesbian culture. Now, Michael Nava, Elana Dykewomon, Helen Zia, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Jim Tushinski, Fenton Johnson, Michelle Tea, K.M. Soehnlein, and many other...