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One of the Middle East’s most celebrated voices, Rabih Alameddine follows his international bestseller, The Hakawati, with an enchanting story of a book-loving, obsessive, seventy-two-year-old “unnecessary” woman. Aaliya Saleh lives alone in her Beirut apartment, surrounded by stockpiles of...
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Co-edited by Lisa Suhair Majaj and Amal Amireh. The first-ever book-length collection of essays on the Lebanese/French/American author and artist Etel Adnan, this volume brings together essays that respond to the depth of vision and experience in Adnan's writing and art and that place her...
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This collection spans geographies of war, homelessness, homemaking, longing, and hope as it travels through Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, American and other landscapes. Informed by depth of experience and a resilient humanism, these poems seek to transform landscapes of devastation to...
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Two souls brought together by love are distanced by the challenges of living with conflicting social values during times of extreme political stress. Rasha Halwani, a victim of the Lebanese civil war, and Luke Elliott, a British photojournalist, begin a clandestine romance while on vacation in...
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Caddie Blair feels everything strongly -- and so she works hard to keep her distance. It's the ethical thing for a journalist to do, expecially in a war-torn region like the Middle East. And Caddie wants to believe that nothing is as important as covering "the story." There's room for...
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What would happen, I wondered in mid-1982, if Israel actually invaded Lebanon. So I started writing a book, and wouldn't you know it, Israel actually invaded Lebanon, which somewhat detracted from the novel's fantasy element. Fortunately, the other part I made up didn't happen. That would be...