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Charcoal and lampblack: those were the only two colors the company that would grow to be Crayola Crayons produced when it was founded in 1864. Today the children who use Crayola products can choose from more than ninety-six different colors, including Azure, Laser Lemon, and Razzmatazz. What child...
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Bird enjoys flying through the skies, eating worms and splashing around in his favorite red swim trunks.  He's used to flying around unnoticed, but what happens when the neighborhood kids see him soaring through the air in a bathing suit?
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Opium recently had a sit-down with a book agent. Wetried, unsuccessfully, to spark unpretentious chatter about thestate of modern literature. The agent politely listened as weprattled on about podcasts, literary death matches, and estimatedreading times in our willfully ADD nation. When we...