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"As an Ioway Indian, [Lance Foster] is interested in the landscape as it was when his ancestors left Iowa in the early nineteenth century, so he went to the Neal Smith refuge, hoping to see the msall herd of buffalo that had been introduced and the prairie "returning to life." In...
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An extensive tour of Oregon vineyards and wineries and visits to wine country villages and towns. 
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A comprehensive guide to a state that is difficult to comprehend -- with the Pacific Ocean and a temperate rain forest in the west, and dry sagebrush steppes in the east, and with tall snow-capped peaks, large rivers, lakes, and an active volcano in between. Plus bustling cities, with world-class...
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A modern family’s intimate story of beautiful hardship on a small Wyoming ranch. Page Lambert’s story is a moving account of how she and her husband and their two children move from Colorado to remote Wyoming.  In superbly crafted writing, Lambert speaks of ranching traditions and of the cycles of...
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A biography of one of Canada's earliest environmentally conscious landscape architects
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The four sections of Settling for Beauty consist of free-verse poems that begin with loss, then move toward acceptance, renewal and wonder through intellect as well as emotion.