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A collection of 52 poems written from personal transformational experiences in all areas of life over a ten year period.  Bold, personal and intriguing, the author encourages introspection and  journaling on the part of the reader as a way to know and understand self and others at a...
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A man's eyes are the windows to his soul...if he has one. Deep in the darkness of a Depression-era night, a man addicted to alcohol sells something precious to obtain it. His vile action impacts the lives of two entire families, and it will be over two decades before the horrible wrong begins to...
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"Diana Raab... has done such a sensitive job of gathering these diverse, eloquent, and experienced voices and encouraging their thoughtful, heartbreaking, rambunctious, free flights of testimony and speculation into being. Freedom is a frequent theme in these pages. The freedom to try out things,...
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Today, thirty percent of all pregnancies are designated high-risk, unlike years ago when this book was first released. This core of this book was originally released in 1987 under the title, "Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant: A Guide to High-Risk Pregnancies," which was  a pioneer of its...
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This personal story chronicles how the author sustained her hope through two bouts with breast cancer. The reader discovers her process for enduring diagnosis and treatment, making instant decisions, seeking support groups, facing a curious public, and holding family and job together. She...
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Celebrate this moment by answering life's most basic question--"Who am I?"--in bite-size pieces. A fill-in book with prompts, checklists, short answers, and places for photos, drawings and doodles, Picture of Me creates a colorful portrait of your present-day life and what makes you tick....
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A journey of lasting lessons through a difficult first pregnancy that included surgery, eleven days in the Labor and Delivery wing and prematurity.
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You don’t have to be someone famous to write a memoir. Written memoirs provide a sense of direction to a family, giving them a compass point from which to navigate. Write from the Heart is written for the non-writer, the person who just wants to pass on their legacy in written form.
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Bringing the facts discovered by research on the healing benefits of writing into the daily perspective of self-discovery, this self-paced book offers a life-long adventure into living healthier and having more fun doing it.