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“How many jobs are out there, in this economy?” “Where do I go from here with my life?” These are some of the questions at the forefront of the modern job-searcher’s mind. And they are thoroughly and thoughtfully answered with all-new chapters in the 2011 edition of What Color Is Your Parachute?,...
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Married mother of 3 kids, stay at home worker -Fashion Designer and Author! Kiesha has a great personality, when you meet her you just want to walk up and say Hi! She has definitely won my vote with her smile and sweetness towards people.  She has been nice to be around despite her busy schedule....
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A re-titled, repackaged edition of a modern classic in career-building. With business bestsellers like How to Become CEO, Jeffrey Fox is unsurpassed when it comes to empowering readers to gain the edge on the competition. But before you can run the company, you have to get your foot in the door—and...
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Getting that Job... is an enjoyable career guide designed to help newcomers get that first job in the motion picture, cable or television industry and lists the many choices available.