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From the penthouses and ethnic hubbub of New York, to the grand casas and poverty of Mexico City, from the Vatican to the altars of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a thrilling battle ensues over the second infant whose genes may be divine. This drama of Mexican culture, family ties, sex and greed,...
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     Through her touching and inspiring poetry, Susan Shumake tells the story of the first Christmas in a new way, drawing from Scripture and a deep love of worship. In The Gift of All Time, Susan opens a window to heaven so the reader can see glimpses of God and learn the reason...
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A Christian's Guide to Overcoming Sexual Struggle by Michael Clairborne is a book that will help everyday Christian believers.  It is meant to help men and women of all ages to take control of their sexuality.  Everyone has a sexual struggle of some sort that they have to deal with daily.  This...
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A guide to the inherit pupose of all men: fatherhood. This is not dependent upon biological children, but a God-given purpose. This book presents insights on how a man can fullfill this pupose and become a father of his own personal sphere of influence.
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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have read—and reread—Christopher Moore's irreverent, iconoclastic, and divinely funny tale of the early life of Jesus Christ as witnessed by his boyhood pal Levi bar Alphaeus (a.k.a. Biff). Now, in this special (check out the cool red ribbon marker...
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Norman Mailer writes a novel about Jesus’ life. Is God speaking to me? Jesus asks. Or am I hearing voices? If the voices are from God, why has He chosen me as His son? And if they are not from God, then who gave me the power to perform these miracles? It soon becomes evident that we are being told...