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My Postwar Life New Writings from Japan and Okinawa   This selection of new work by some of Japan’s most eminent observers and artists offers a richly nuanced perspective on the complex relationship between Japan and the U.S. in the long aftermath of war.   An Interview with former...
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Read interviews with 14 Western women who speak candidly about the challenges in making cross-cultural marriages work both inside and outside Japan, and the joys and frustrations of adapting to a different culture. (Kindle e-book)
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Tofu Ling and the Carp Banner is the second book in the Tofu Ling Series. Tango No Sekku, Boys' Festival, and TaeKwonDo tournament are quickly approaching as Tofu vows to work very hard to earn his Taekwondo green belt. However, shortly before the festival and tournament, a family tragedy requires...
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Travel essay about contemporary Japan
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Tofu Ling is the first in the series of books about Tofu and his family. The Ling family are mice that live in the floor boards of an artist shop. While the Lings are busy preparing for the fall harvest, Tofu is busy day dreaming and using his imagination to discover the world around him. When...
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900+ translated haiku, all on the sea cucumber and most over a hundred years old, with a good measure of natural history. You might know about Ponge and his object poems, but the sea cucumber, a featureless and formless (protean) animal without a ganglia of brain, is the ultimate "thing,...