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A Sufi's Ghost, a novel.After serving his country, Larry Larson wants to make up for lost time by a new career in bounty hunting where the rewards are high and the risks higher, even though he knows the terrain. He takes us on an adventure across the Saudi deserts, through religious and political...
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Hoshruba (www.hoshruba.com), the longest magical epic ever written, will commence publication in Spring 2009. It is the first of a projected twenty-four volume translation of the eight thousand page Urdu language fantasy work.  The classic, unknown to western literature, was compiled from oral...
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Drawing on a host of intimate firsthand accounts, histories, and memoirs in English, French, Italian, and Turkish, Harem explores life in the world’s harems, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, focusing on the fabled harem of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul as a paradigm for all. We are...