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Introspection | Introspection

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This is a true story.  This is not a story for children and please don’t let the pictures confuse you into thinking that there is much niceness in this book.  In fact I only include the pictures because that is what I see when I tell this story to myself.  And just so you know, I am only telling...
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When you were young and idealistic and you looked in the mirror, who did you see? What were your expectations for your life, and the expectations of those around you---family, teachers, community. And now that you've accomplished so much in your professional life, who do you see in that mirror? Are...
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This is a collection of 25 short stories and poems extracted from the author's life experience. One is very sad, many are quite mad, and the author is quite glad he's through those tumultuous times. The stories evolve around a central theme of self discovery and self examination. Some stories are...