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ReviewAn easy-to-use life-insurance guidebook. Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) Steuer notes that life insurance is "one of the least exciting topics to think about," and here he offers a painless reference book to that gray world. The format of the book, framed as answers to frequently--...
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UPDATED! 2nd EDITION Dogs and cats are considered part of the family--and just as deserving of the best medical care. Never before has the veterinary profession been able to offer such amazing medical options and such a high level of preventative care as it does in the new century. You'll find the...
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  This is a story about QBE Insurance Corp., the largest private insurer of condominium associations in Florida, and how nearly 30  policyholders are still battling with the company over claims from Hurricane Wilma which stuck in October 2005. Read excerpt of the Miami Herald page 1A article below...
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This is a handy instruction book cleverly designed with a pouch for insurance and registration information, tear out driver ID cards, a fform for important contact phone humbers, and a longer form to be filled out in the event of a car accident. The book comes with a "golf pencil" and...