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In 1926, and keeping with the Lattimer tradition, thirteen year old David is gifted to hunt the Christmas Goose. He sets off with his ten year old sister Rose, reminded by his Father--be back by sundown. But when David and Rose stumble between a Mother Bear and her cubs, they escape her rage...
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Food sovereignty goes beyond addressing the need to secure a daily food source. Food sovereignty means having the right to determine where your food comes from and how it is produced. In 2008, alarmed by the impact agro-business was having on Canadian food quality and security, Kristeva Dowling...
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A selection of short stories. 1) 456 - Will the hunter become the hunted? A man pays the price for his arrogance.2) Human Nature - An animal victim is given a voice in this tragic tale of animal cruelty.3) Susan - A chilling tale of suffocating 'love'; just when does devotion become obsession?4)...
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The Problem with America Today is an excerpt from Benjamin's novel Fidelity.
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There are times when a book will capture your heart; it can happen in many ways, but each time it is fresh and new. This is the case as I read this delightful work by 13 year old Christopher Welch as scribed by his mother, Debra Welch. Christopher has learning differences but this has not quenched...
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Using a dog in the field is more than turning the dog loose and letting the dog run around. Scent behaves in specific ways depending upon the time of the year, the weather and the wind. Scenting On The Wind is a unique book that explains how scent works so that the handler who wants to do any kind...
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A natural history and personal rumination on the chukar partridge, among the worthiest of all game birds.
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Inland Ground is Richard Rhodes's first book. It was published quietly in 1970 to critical acclaim (The New York Times Book Review named it one of the best books of the year) but few sales. In the two decades that followed, Rhodes published ten more books, including A Hole in the World, Farm, and...