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  SYNOPSIS When college sophomore Laurel Estabrook is attacked while riding her bike through Vermont's back roads, her life is forever changed. Formerly outgoing, Laurel withdraws into her photography and begins working at a homeless shelter. There she meets Bobbie Crocker, a man with a...
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A modern Scheherazade in New Orleans in 1984. Alone. Abandoned in New Orleans with no friends or family, surviving only on her wits, Pearl Caldwell has finally put herself back on the road back to the life she wants. Then she's arrested on a false charge and thrown into jail. Among women of all...
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Gripping, humorous, and raw, Never Give in to Fear is unlike any memoir you've ever read -- a sometimes shocking, always genuine account of a life lost, a love found, and a mother's reunion with her daughter. As an emerging standup comic scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,...
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After being abandoned in Golden Gate Park by owners who no longer want her, Dark must quickly learn how to take care of herself. Befriended by a racoon, Rattail, and Casablanca, another feral cat, Dark quickly learns her place in the park's hierarchy, and discovers who she can trust--the Warms (...
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When the planet decides to put its best foot forward, what do you do with the undesireables?
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The story of a relationship between Bob Levin, a workers' compensation lawyer in Berkeley, and Jimmy Don Polk, a disabled, homeless, pan handler. Parts are true and parts are not, but which is which is not always clear. Termed "a novel" when published, its author has always believed...
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And every week, there was the unspoken question, the one I didn’t know enough to ask myself : Have you found her yet? The one who reminds you of you? Twenty years after she lived at a homeless shelter for teens, Janice Erlbaum went back to volunteer. Now thirty-four years old and a successful...
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From Publishers Weekly"You'd think it'd take a while to go from "given-every-opportunity, spoiled-in-every-way... middle-class housewife... to homeless single mother," but Kennedy did it in less than a year. Just some "bad judgment calls and wrong decisions," and a smart...
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Jones's writing is a gift of genius; shocking and moving you to tears; touching the deepest inner part of your humanness and spirit. You will never be the same after reading the depts of struggle, the reality of life, the voice of truth in The Bones of the Homeless. It will move you to social...
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Sixth-grader Charlie Fuller discovers his beloved third-grade teacher, Mr. Adams, living on the streets and vows to help him.