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The Watchmaker's Daughter tells the story of a child of two refugees: a watchmaker who saved lives within Dachau prison, and his wife, a gifted concert pianist about to make her debut when the Nazis seized power. In this memoir, Sonia Taitz is born into a world in which the Holocaust is...
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Mapleton, Colorado's police chief, Gordon Hepler, would rather be on the streets than behind a desk dealing with budgets and the town council, but he promised his late mentor he'd accept the position. And to Gordon, a promise is a promise, even if the person you made it to isn't around anymore....
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Through personal accounts, Susan Bulanda has compiled a collection of stories about the pets of the Holocaust victims. This is a unique look at a part of history that has not been told before. The book is a wonderful example of the human/animal bond. Accounts come from Hungary, Poland, Belgium,...