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It's no secret that millions of Americans have left the church. According to the ARIS survey, an estimated 35 million Americans consider themselves spiritual, but have given up on religion. And yet, some of our country's most prominent spiritual authors – Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle – are selling...
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160 spiritually significant Sanskrit words for yoga, spirituality and meditation.
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Groundbreaking collection of yoga-inspired poetry. Hardcover and paperback editions. French an Farsi translations also available. Editor's pick from Yoga Journal.
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To scatter her brother's ashes over the Narmada River, Fabienne leaves France for the mysterious India of her childhood dreams. Soon, as she awakens to a newfound spirituality, unexpected visions of a former life during the Raj stir ancient yearnings for a long lost passion. Mukunda, the palace...
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On her guide dog's twenty-second birthday, Carol Sheaves took him for a walk as she had many times before. This time however, as she turned the third corner for the third time a voice beckoned her to release the dog so he could be congratulated for living such a long and...
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Based on the author's experience as a midwife for servant families in North India, this story revolves around an impoverished servant family, and an all-night ceremony of flute ragas on the banks of the Ganges. In the summer season, a young man dies; in the monsoon season, his widow gives birth...
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Comstock Review calls Epithalamion "a 64 page collection with an unusual binding. Inside it’s vintage Snell but more surreal, and with more Hindu content and themes. Again, she stuns us with her imagery." This volume includes seven linocuts by the artist Janet Snell.