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Jessica Jacobs-Wolde has somehow survived the worst that any mother or wife could ever endure: the deaths of her husband and first daughter. But now, four years later, not only is the nightmare continuing -- it may have only just begun. Jessica has discovered the terrifying truth behind the legacy...
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Why is this book different? It's the story about 27 "real" persons - one therapist, myself - a real self not afraid to go beyond my walls of the helping profession, to be open, honest, available and admit my mistakes; and Hanna, a courageous woman who suffered years of horrific abuse, and...
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Co-edited with Patricia Fobair, LCSW. An anthology of stories and essays from men and women who live with cancer. Each chapter represents a theme in the cancer journey. The featured writers were part of the Stanford Cancer Center support groups or the expressive writing groups led by Sharon Bray.
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A Healing Journey describes and demonstrates the power of writing and sharing our stories aloud through the experience of breast cancer. Building on the research of James W. Pennebaker, David Spiegel and others, women's stories emerging from the cancer experience are interwoven with the author's...
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Shortly after Saracino’s first novel, No Matter What, was published in 1993, she began to experience an inexplicable clenching of her vocal cords. Over a four-year period, she was increasingly unable to speak without great strain. In 1997 the mysterious problem was diagnosed as a rare voice...
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When we hear that someone close to us has been diagnosed with cancer, we want nothing more than to comfort them with words of hope, support, and love. But sometimes we don't know what to say or do, and don't feel comfortable asking. With sensitive insights, thoughtful anecdotes, and sometimes,...
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Bringing the facts discovered by research on the healing benefits of writing into the daily perspective of self-discovery, this self-paced book offers a life-long adventure into living healthier and having more fun doing it.