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Cancer kills but it can't kill love.  When Terri Cotton was diagnosed with leukemia, cancer took over her life and her marriage. Practically newlyweds, she and husband Richard had to deal with the devastating news that Terri might have less than seven years to live. Their battle began. They could...
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Renewing your RN or LPN license? 30 CONTACT HOURS awarded by Western Schools upon completion of this course. Instant grading and certificate printing is available. Rich in content and inspiring in its approach, this must-have resource offers valuable information while encouraging personal...
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But I Didn't Say Goodbye is a book seen through the eyes of Alex, an eleven-year-old boy, whose father has died by suicide. This story is a glimpse into a child s traumatic and life changing personal experience. But I Didn't Say Goodbye introduces you to a bereaved family immediately after...
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Stricken: The 5,000 Stages of Grief is a collection of essays written as much for its contributors as for its readers, since each essay is born of personal experience.  Stricken reflects the truth that grief stems from many sources, comes in many forms, and affects each of us in very different ways...
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This is a practical, inclusive manual on grieving after the loss of a spouse or loved one. It divides the grieving process into five parts: shock, denial, anger, depression, and adjustment. It describes each stage and time sequence, tells the reader what to expect, and makes suggestions for moving...