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Ramona is stuck. The 36-year-old, widowed mother of two, has been a Griever for two years, since the unexpected death of her husband to a heart attack. She’s put her life on hold, but is ready, slowly, to find who she is now and what she should do next. As an English teacher to immigrants, she...
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Provides support, comfort, and encouragement to grieving grandparents.
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In this debut Liu contemplates the interweavings of migration, love, memory and mourning in an autobiography of poems spanning four years. Beginning with the untimely death of his mother, this collection contemplates the difficult task of transforming one's relationship with the dead and and the...
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Revisiting the profoundly important subject of mother loss, Letters From Motherless Daughters is a compilation of real letters written by women in response to the ground-breaking New York Times bestseller Motherless Daughters. When Motherless Daughters was first published in 1994, author Hope...
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In her acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Motherless Daughters, Hope Edelman explored the profound and lasting effects of mother loss, as well as her own search for healing. Now, in her compelling new work, Edelman explores another complex, life-changing relationship, the intricate bond between...
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When Hope Edelman, author of the New York Times bestseller Motherless Daughters, became a parent, she found herself revisiting the loss of her mother in ways she had never anticipated. Now the mother of two young girls, Edelman set out to learn how the loss of a mother to death or abandonment can...
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Ask any woman whose mother has died and she will tell you that she is irrevocably altered, as profoundly changed by her mother's death as she was by her mother's life. And although a mother's mortality is as inevitable as nightfall, no other book has addressed the lasting effects of this...
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 A man who's given up on love, a woman who's learned to let go of love too easily. Caught in grief and guilt over his wife's death, English professor Alan Francini is determined never to feel that much pain again. He avoids new relationships and keeps even his best friend at arm's length. His major...
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Tragic loss is the theme of this book of poems. There is no place as safe as a blank page to pour the contents of a grieving heart, within this volume you will find the Rorschach test created from the blood and bile of a life torn in two. This is not a joyful tomb but it is testimony to great love...
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Like A Year of Magical Thinking, this powerful and touching book is both an inspirational read and a comfort to those who are looking for help in overcoming loss. The phone rang. It was my husband Arron telling me that he was at Windows of the World in the World Trade Center. “There’s been a bomb...