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Also available on Kindle here. Doctor Sam Enright and his geneticist wife, Dorinda, face turmoil in their small town when a dozen adolescent girls show up pregnant at Sam's office-and they're all virgins. When their own daughter falls victim to the same fate, the Enrights rush to Homeland Security...
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In the near future, Global Director, Alexa Lange is tired of wars and violence and devises a plan to genetically engineer the population to bring about world peace. With her quirky assistant, Jonas, Alexa initiates The Clean Slate Accord, but something goes terribly wrong.
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UPDATED! 2nd EDITION Dogs and cats are considered part of the family--and just as deserving of the best medical care. Never before has the veterinary profession been able to offer such amazing medical options and such a high level of preventative care as it does in the new century. You'll find the...
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Bestselling author David Ewing Duncan takes the ultimate high-tech medical exam, investigating the future impact of what's hidden deep inside all of us David Ewing Duncan takes "guinea pig" journalism to the cutting edge of science, building on award-winning articles he wrote for Wired...