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This book was inspired by four wonderful, thoughtful, and generous human beings who grace my life with their humor and love. Out of deference to legalities, the names are slightly changed, but Dolly’s remains. The incidences are imagined, but the trip to Salmon, Idaho, was not. A gift from my...
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Desiree is a fast-paced yarn set in the desolate high desert country of Northern, Nevada. Chick Corbett returns to his cabin on a cold winter evening to find Desiree Depardieu hovering over a dead body. Soon, the body and Desiree are gone and Chick sets off in pursuit. Along the way, author...
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A collection of fictitious world records, supposedly rejected by other record books for being dangerous, moronic, or goofy, grouped in such areas as the human body and artistic achievements.
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“I really thought I had a handle on life—then it broke off.”Divorced since her daughter, Amber, was young, forty-something Tee has been “handling her business”—supporting herself after her would-be songwriter husband took off for L.A.—and she’s done all right. But then everything changes. First,...
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For those of us who do not enjoy reading an entire novel off a computer or e-reader screen, Everyday Malfeasance might be a better choice. It is a collection of very short pieces I have done for various places through the years. Each one can be read in one shot, with very little effort or...