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He was a skilled mercenary. He promised to never kill again, a promise he could not keep. To satisfy his passion Alexander Crown became a lone philanthropist. There are times when truth becomes magic, and secrets become deception. Alexander Crown discovers a secret so profound, factions and...
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When Hannah Reilly steps off the ship on the shores of Ellis Island in 1912 she has no idea that it is not a convent that awaits her. It is a man who finds her far too beautiful to marry God. Madly in love, Hannah and Wade settle in Jacksonville, Florida, where the world holds the promise of...
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With a nod to the chemically-induced contentment of Huxley’s Brave New World, “American Soma” explains how a friction-filled democratic system is lubricated by a collusion of partisan politicians and commercial interests. “Evolution”, written during the Dover Area School District ’s Intelligent...