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  Yesterday's regret; today's deadly fix.  Impulsive acts during emotional upheavels from the past return to haunt, ending in the death of a photo-journalist near the cozy mountain town of Boone, NC. Detective Tucker must deal with his past while investigating the secrets of suspects...
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Lake Tahoe transformed America, and not just once but many times over from the earliest Ice Age civilizations, to the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe. It helped in the American conquest of California, the launch of the Republican Party, and the ignition of the western Indian wars. And along...
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The Yuletide doesn’t bring a rash of good will when Greg and Jill McKenzie are hired to investigate rumors that something shady is involved in a deal to bring an NBA basketball team to Nashville. Their client is the attorney for a group of...
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This Debut Novel by David Pyle is a new Supernatural Thriller centered in historical Natchez, Mississippi. The main character James Earl Williams has inherited something unusual that he doesn't want to receive. With the inheritance he has also picked up a tormenting enemy, invading every facet of...
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When Delilah "Baby" Sampson, a window washer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, develops a passion for Jimmy Choos, she turns to her father's profession, casino blackjack, to feed her expensive habit.
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Marina Martino is a bright, young woman who has a talent for counting cards. Miguel Rodriguez is a charming casino dealer. Sparks fly when they meet during a serendipitous game of blackjack. But as they become entangled in a dizzying romance through Sin City, details about Miguel's dark past...
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Desert D’Or is the fashionable California resort where Hollywood’s glittering elite converge when they need a break from city of celluloid dreams. It is an incestuous hothouse of a town—a haven for manipulators, film stars, lovers, pimps, producers, whores, gamblers, scriptwriters and cheats. Into...