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About the Depth of My Soul The Depth of My Soul is my first book and it was published on January the 9th 2009. The idea behind the title ethnology is my depth to cover general circumstances that happen in our daily live. In the book, I also cover issues we sometimes have problems expressing our...
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This book deals with the present effects of bondage that comes through systems that benefit by the categorization and enslavement of people, especially black people. Freedom cannot be legislated nor can it be obtained through systems of men. Freedom is something deeply rooted in the Spirit....
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“Because democracy is noble, it is always endangered. Nobility, indeed, is always in danger. Democracy is perishable. I think the natural government for most people, given the uglier depths of human nature, is fascism. Fascism is more of a natural state than democracy. To assume blithely that we...
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A towering figure in American literature, Norman Mailer has in recent years reached a new level of accessibility and power. His last novel, The Castle in the Forest, revealed fascinating ideas about faith and the nature of good and evil. Now Mailer offers his concept of the nature of God. His...