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Food sovereignty goes beyond addressing the need to secure a daily food source. Food sovereignty means having the right to determine where your food comes from and how it is produced. In 2008, alarmed by the impact agro-business was having on Canadian food quality and security, Kristeva Dowling...
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DOWN AT THE DOCKS is a report from the water's edge on the demise of the commercial fishery. Along the way, it also logs the passage of  a country from botton of the pile to top of the heap an how it has closed out the era of Emersonian self-reliance and is unto something else, and new, and...
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The Cuban revolution through the eyes and actions of Papa Hemingway and Fidel Castro.In 1957 Cuba, Fidel Castro starts a revolution with twelve men while Papa Hemingway wonders if he's washed up or has another book in him-the big book that's always eluded him. Looking for publicity, Fidel...
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Veteran seafarers and anyone who has dreamed of running away to sea in her very own boat or simply savored the smell of the salty air on the water’s edge will be inspired by this well-crafted and varied collection. Steady as She Goes is both a testament to women’s enduring relationship with the sea...