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father-son relationship | father-son relationship

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Three years after the Revolution, Tehran looks like a boneyard. Shahed has returned from California to his homeland to face the ghost of his father, to find out who betrayed him as a child, to recover something that might make him feel alive. Witnessing the brutalities of militant fundamentalists,...
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I wrote this piece to pay a small tribute to my Father, who always was and will always be a HERO to me. He could not leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor was he stronger than a locomotive, but in his own quiet way he was MY HERO! Dad gave up his way of life, a life he loved, so that I could...
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Heavenly Sex is a book of poems (at once memoir and fiction!) about varieties of love, sacred and profane. It is, at the same time, as noted by Robert Bly, a celebration of one of the more unusual father-son relationships. A self-taught Russian immigrant, drawing on a variety of ancient mystical...