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  Rising Sunsets is an enlightening journey through the mind of David Fletcher, a bright and ambitious young man who is determined to conquer the world and prove his unsupportive father wrong.  When reality strikes and nothing works out as expected, an unusual opportunity to go to Japan to teach...
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Page Lambert was one of 15 writers selected by producer and photographer Kathleen Jo Ryan to contribute to Writing Down the River: Into the Heart of the Grand Canyon. Other contributors include Denise Chavez, Linda Ellerbee, Linda Hogan, Teresa Jordan, Ann Zwinger, Annick Smith, Ruth Kirk, Judith...
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Tinsey James believes in all things supernatural. When her father dies unexpectedly, she isn't surprised when his ghost shows up, but she still has no idea how to cope with the pain. With her family in shock, Tinsey feels it's up to her to fill the void he's left. Her mother is vulnerable, her...
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In a sequel to the celebrated collection of stories Nobody's Mother comes an honest and poignant collection of essays from men who have forgone fatherhood. Statistics Canada data show that seven per cent of women and eight per cent of men intend to remain childless. Nobody's Father gives readers...