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Fate | Fate

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HorrorThriller - The lone survivor of a fatal freeway crash is pursued afterwards by a sinister, phantom figure
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In this collection of connected short stories, the fabric of reality is threatened by dark and plotting forces. Justin is a boy bent on finding his missing father; Cricket can't remember his own name, but is forced to protect a frightened family; Esther is a child torn between two worlds. Their...
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When Hali’s father asks her to euthanize him, she reluctantly agrees, brooding upon the idea of the afterlife in a way that is both challenging and deeply moving.
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Salvation is the sometimes funny, sometimes eerie story of the coming of age of Crane Cavanaugh, a budding scientist. Crane narrates her early life with a rich awareness of the natural world and her own precarious spot in it. Raised below the poverty line in Arnold, Iowa, by depraved adults who’ve...
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At the turn of this century, a homeless man was allowed to win the lottery.It was hoped that he would change the world for the better, forever.After 12 years, SomeplacElse, his divinely inspired utopian experiment in the sub-urban Arizona desert, has reached critical mass.As Fate would have it,...
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The old Yiddish proverb, “We plan, God laughs,” expresses a truth everyone can relate to. At every stage of life we make plans, setting out where we want to go and imagining what we will be like when we have “arrived.” But things have a way of turning out not quite as we hoped or expected. In WE...
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“If I had given it much thought, I might have hesitated to marry a man for whom at the age of 45 much of the past was too painful to consider--for either of us. Truthfully, thought had little to do with it. Instinct did--the instinct to seize a sure and ebullient happiness or go down trying.”...
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The Palace Thief is the story of a dedicated and inspiring classics professor at an elite prep school where an encounter with a student, the son of a powerful senator, inexorably alters his life. Forty-one years later at a reunion of his students, he is faced with the fear that he may have failed...