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A novel based on the true story behind Jacqueline Kennedy's iconic pink suit. On November 22, 1963, the First Lady accompanied her husband to Dallas, Texas, dressed in a pink Chanel-style suit that was his favorite. Much of her wardrobe, including the pink suit, came from the New York boutique...
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Fashion Talks is a vibrant look at the politics of everyday style. Shira Tarrant and Marjorie Jolles bring together essays that cover topics such as lifestyle Lolitas, Hollywood baby bumps, haute couture hijab, gender fluidity, steampunk, and stripper shoes, and engage readers with...
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A walk through the second anual Fashion's Night Out.
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As a glamorous, successful fashion photographer, adored by New York and Paris trend makers, Brett Larsen has dedicated her life to capturing beauty. Yet the corruption and betrayals that lie just beneath the glittering surface of that world prevent her from recognizing her own beauty and its...
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Three years after the disappearance of her beloved brother, a California girl reaches out to a girl on the other side of the world--hoping she will turn out to be much more than an internet friend. Told in a kind of gothic trance, from two points of view, about daring to trust that someone out...
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Want to buy vintage but hate to marathon shop? Looking for runway fashion at a fraction of their retail cost? Costume designer Diana Eden and fashion columnist Gloria Lintermans round up all the must-shop spots in cities and expos, share insights, manufacturers and designers to look for, style...
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Fulfill your Parisian shopping fantasies and experience Galeries Lafayette's complimentary Personal Shopping Services.
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Dorky New England teenager Holly Baker meets fashionable Stacy Goldfarb and is invited to New York City. Their unique friendship results in a wildly successful fashion company allowing them access to “A” list actors and directors. The lucky streak ends when they borrow production money from Stacy’s...
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He's the MTV generation's master of modern humor, a star of film, TV, and the comedy stage. This sultan of savvy serves up a whip-smart, utterly original collection of comic essays in Naked Pictures of Famous People. Since January 1999, you've been able to enjoy the intelligence and self-...