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“Why ask where none can answer?” Scott Owens’ collection, Something Knows the Moment, poses this question and accompanies it with a hundred others about the nature of God, the nature of faith, of doubt, of trust and distrust, disillusion and resignation.  The answer is, We ask because we cannot...
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Ex-convict Paul Little has just walked out on the only woman who has ever loved him to return to a life of crime in Philadelphia. But when Paul gets involved with a petty thug who is later murdered, he finds himself pinned between the volatile gangster accused of the crime and the straight-laced...
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"Marjorie Tesser’s first book is a riot, a concept, a poem you can play and play with. Beginning from comments solicited at a Suggestion Box at the Bowery Poetry Club, using those metapoems to conceive both the book-as-card-game motif (roll over, Surrealism!) and the fill-in-the-blanks of the...
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Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires--they just don't exist. But there are others with similar appetites and they appreciate how well the folklore has protected them. How do you deal with having to dine on the humanity you adore? Feast on the miscreants. And don't get too close to...
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Short story owing equally to Raymond Carver and Edgar Allen Poe. It was included in an anthology of articles on existentialism and consciousness, revolving around the works of Colin Wilson, cult author of the philosophical work 'The Outsider'. It was described as 'a moving and pathetic pastiche of...
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Dolan Gibb has driven the same section of Arizona desert highway for years, where crosses and shrines litter the side of the highway like confetti for the dead. He’s passed them thousands of times and never given them a second’s glance. To him, like everyone else, they are places of remembering,...
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ABOUT THIS BOOK“It will be a dangerous mission. I don’t expect that any of us will survive. But it’s a chance to save mankind, to save our world. Maybe the last chance.”By the end of the twenty-third century, Earth is a plague-ridden, war-ravaged cesspool dominated by megacorporations whose...
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The noted Stanford University psychiatrist distills the essence of a wide range of therapies into a masterful, creative synthesis, opening up a new way of understanding each person's confrontation with four ultimate concerns: isolation, meaninglessness, death, and freedom.
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        The novel Female Grasslands begins with a girl named Little One entering the grassland situated between Tibet and Sichuan as a vagrant and fugitive in the mid-1970s. She has fled there to escape a murder charge and the entanglement of an incestuous love affair. In the depths of the desolate...