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Episodes of the Norm is an assorted delight of donated short stories on life, essays on the F word, and no not that one, poems on love and loss, political slams, and rants on others, from new and veteran authors across the states. Part of the proceeds are donated to the Autism Society of America.
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Singular Intimacies is the story of becoming a doctor by immersion at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the country. When Danielle Ofri first enters the doors as a medical student, she is immediately plunged into the teeming world of urban medicine. It is here that Dr....
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Crochet lovers will embrace Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot, a book that lovingly and humorously explores the craft of crochet and is written by a true crochet zealot. Mary Beth Temple, a well-known author in the crafting world and a self-admitted crochet junkie, gives an insider...
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Because I Love Her: 34 Women Writers Reflect on the Mother-Daughter Bond, edited by Andrea N. Richesin.  My essay, "Beyond the Family Party Face," reflects on four generations of women and creativity.  
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Travel essays giving insight into the world and life at home.
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Diverse Voices of Women is an anthology featuring works of various lengths and genres, from the voices of mostly contemporary women of many races, classes, nationalities, and age groups.
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Flavor of Home is in the Blessings Section of July 2008 Good Housekeeping, the End Page. The except from my upcoming memoir Country of Origin, the story is about 3 Arab sisters living in a small Appalachian town in the 60's
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My story, "Onionskin" was featured in this best travelwriting anthology (introduction by Simon Winchester).
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Covering knitting terminology from alpaca and argyle to WIPs and yarn porn, The Secret Language of Knitters is the Webster's Dictionary of Knitting- but with a sense of humor and appreciation for every knitter's complete obsession with yarn and absolute hatred of moths.   Perfect for looking...
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A forthright, brave and hilarious look at motherhood from a woman who has dedicated her life to coloring outside the lines. Fresh, funny and bracingly honest.