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Gays having kids with all the usual problems, plus a few special ones.
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All Owen Patterson wants is a normal life, a happy marriage, and a stable family. But following the brutal and random murder of his brother-in-law, that dream is shattered. A year later, his wife is still in mourning and his in-laws won't talk about anything but their dead son. The murderer, Henry...
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Love and Ghost Letters is a richly imagined novel set in Cuba from 1938 to the 1960s, chronicling the haunted relationship between a daughter and her exiled father.
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Letters to Early Street by Albert Flynn DeSilver is a whimsical epistolary experiment, a turning of the traditional letter onto it’s poetic ear. Originally begun as letters to a colleague, the writing soon transformed into imaginative discourse with the vagaries of a “muse,” addressing emotions,...