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In a groundbreaking new book, author Steve McSwain summons a new kind of spirituality -- one that truly connects people to God and to each other, regardless of race, nationality, or faith.        "The survival of humanity is at stake," writes McSwain. "Virtually every conflict...
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Hidden within the impenetrable snow covered exterior walls of Powder Mountain, and secret to the rest of the world is the protected, self contained, pure and peaceful valley of Hollow Hills.   The crater valley is thousands of feet above the base of the mountain with only one accessible...
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Drawn directly from Pali, Sanskrit, and Chinese sources, the life story of the Buddha is retold by Thich Nhat Hanh in a style that captures the clarity and serenity of the Buddha's life. This is a gift book, a reference book, and an excellent read, destined to become a classic of religious...
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Consciousness Revolution is a collection of questions and answers asked to Isha by her many students throughout the world, during her darshans, talks and intensives. Within these pages, Isha shares her answers to all of the questions that have baffled humanity throughout the ages; what is love? why...