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“Mothers, Sisters & Friends” is a compilation of poetry which celebrates motherhood, sisterhood and the strength and encouragement found when we create and nurture supportive friendships.Life’s journey is filled with mountains and valleys. Our footsteps are guided by the directions we learnfrom...
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"Lyrics of My Reality: Reflections & Inspirations" is a collections of writings which utilize teachings, experiences, personal interactions, failures and triumphs to inspire and uplift readers.    The books consists of essays; supported and complemented by related...
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Remember Love is a bedtime story that is sure to inspire sweet dreams.  The strength behind nature and its creatures is woven with a parent's deepest wishes in a story of hope that will leave readers and listeners peacefully present with one-another.  
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This book is a culturally relavent, no-apologies, real-world look at the realm of Christian ministry today. The book begins by uncovering the truth of what ministry actually is and by Biblically establishing the authority, ability and responsibility of all Christians to be ministers. The reader is...
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Congenial Chronicles is a new home for two sweet little books who are, too small to exist on their own, so I have paired them in this volume and added a few of my favorite illustrated sayings as well. Cala Mae: Just because you don't fit where you are doesn't mean you don't fit somewhere. Even if...
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When her husband, Duane, collapsed, Ruth had no idea that the ministry plans they had prayerfully laid out had been shattered. The world as she knew it, and the husband she had married, were about to be transformed. Take this journey of faith with Ruth Mayfield in Trusting God through the Valley,...
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We live in a day of divine visitations, days which angels have desired to look into (1 Peter 1:13). We hear every day of supernatural manifestations. God is speaking to His people! Are we listening? Visions in the Night reveals a unique glimpse at how our loving God speaks to us through dreams and...