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"Once you're dead, you're made for life." –Jimi Hendrix Hendrix. Janis. Morrison. Elvis. Lennon. Cobain. Garcia. Their reckless brilliance held the key to their self-destruction. Their deaths had much in common--and, surprisingly, so did their lives. From lonely childhoods marred by loss to...
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A runaway girl. A down-at-its-heels roadhouse. A hotheaded sax player. A tormented record man. A drop-in by Elvis Presley. A magical car. . . .             Pink Cadillac is a secret history of the great lost 45 Pink Cadillac -- a record cut by a bluesy white girl in 1956.             A love...
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East Tupelo was a sprinkling of poor houses at the scratched-out back edge of Mississippi--and the birthplace of a boy who would become the greatest rock legend of his time. In Tender, novelist Mark Childress has redefined the American epic. He takes us on a wild ride through the last three decades...