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Dude Ranch | Dude Ranch

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  Yesterday's regret; today's deadly fix.  Impulsive acts during emotional upheavels from the past return to haunt, ending in the death of a photo-journalist near the cozy mountain town of Boone, NC. Detective Tucker must deal with his past while investigating the secrets of suspects...
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This book was inspired by four wonderful, thoughtful, and generous human beings who grace my life with their humor and love. Out of deference to legalities, the names are slightly changed, but Dolly’s remains. The incidences are imagined, but the trip to Salmon, Idaho, was not. A gift from my...
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Arson and murder disturb the Appalachian peace of the Triplett Valley's Blue Falls Dude Ranch.  Jemma Chase, daughter of the ranch owners and trail-ride leader, becomes involved when her horse finds a body.  Being an amateur CSI is fun until her meddling puts her life in danger.  Detective Tucker's...