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Dracula | Dracula

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TWO SISTERS, Mary and Deloris, each with four innocent virgin daughters are traveling down different paths of self-destruction, in reaching for the gold ring of becoming a member of an interstellar wealthy and debt free society. One or both will pay that ultimate price to the Grim Ripper,...
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Teenagers Nina, Joe, and Bob decide to spend their summer working at Universal Studios. The project they¹re assigned to is cool. It¹s a new technology that can transform classic movie monsters into life-sized holograms. But something goes wrong, and the monsters are digitally transported into...
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Hemophobes beware: There are five quarts of blood in the human body, and Hayes (Sleep Demons: An Insomniac’s Memoir) pours all of them into this book. A gay man living in San Francisco with an HIV-positive partner, Hayes uses his own encounters with blood’s ability to save and destroy lives as a...