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Domestic Abuse | Domestic Abuse

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A young girl becomes caught up in a bizarre love triangle. When four brother’s who are the most popular in Chattanooga, Tennessee. that help their parents run a rough bar. Encounter an unexpected customer one night it will change their lives forever. As they become romantically involved with...
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Seattle socialite Julia Dorsey has it all -- prestige, money, magnificent Morgan horses, and a powerful, brilliant husband. But Julia's life is a nightmare of abuse and terror, and only an act of courage can save her. Will the price be too high? When mysterious Heck Dillon enters her life, Julia's...
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Two friends, Myra and Topher, deal with their twisting lives. Her husband beats her, his lover ignores him, and their friendship must bend with changes of its own. Dealing with their own problems, Myra's increasingly violent husband and Topher's unrequited love for his partner Alex, they don't...
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Tess Dyer is in pain. It’s not the kind of pain she can see and smell and wrap with an ace bandage. It’s the kind she tries to numb with sex and work and cleaning-cleaning-cleaning the house. The kind that comes from enduring a lifetime of rejection. First from her mother–whom Tess knows would...
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In the United States female crime has grown at a faster rate than male crime over the past couple of decades. Despite this, only limited research has been done by criminologists, psychologists and sociologists on this growing problem. This study examines female criminals; who they are, where they...
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Nearly two years after tragedy drove Glory Harrison from her Tennessee hometown, she finds herself called back to care for her ailing Gran. The serenity Glory draws from the tranquility of Blue Falls Pond is short-lived as she is haunted by buried memories of the brutal fire that took her husband...
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Only 1% of the world's assets are held in the name of women. 70% of people in abject poverty, living on less than $1 per day, are women. Over half the women of this generation do not themselves receive, from either employment or the state, enough to 'get by'. These shocking statistics call to...
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This poignant collection, compiled from Kingston’s healing workshops, contains the distilled wisdom of survivors of five wars, including combatants, war widows, spouses, children, conscientious objectors, and veterans of domestic abuse. Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace includes accounts from...