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Drive Me Crazy Snowbound and stranded in the Berkshire Mountains just days before a Christmas visit with the family, Tori Adams' holiday vacation has taken a turn for the worse. Until rescue comes in a big rig, manhandled by a denim-and-flannel clad trucker with an offer of hot coffee and a cozy...
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Salty Dogs by Jean M. Fogle is packed with photographs of dogs living in the moment as they frolic on the beach. Fogle's engaging photos show a variety of breeds swimming, playing, romping, surfing and lounging in the water and on the sand. The pages are also sprinkled with humorous and inspiring...
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A lame dog, a lost girl, and a story readers will never forget. After losing her parents and brother to a drunk driving accident, twelve-year-old Piper Leigh Cliff and her dog, Someday, are forced to live with her alcoholic grandfather in the ugliest apartment complex in Goochland County, Virginia...