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for $11.96 for $14.95 for $14.95 Finally, much needed relationship help for geographically challenged couples! The Commuter Marriage: Keep Your Relationship Close While You’re Far Apart by respected Ph.D., Tina Tessina speaks directly to the more than 4 million U....
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My parents divorced when I was six years old, and it was the beginning of huge changes in my life, some of which were hard to deal with. Growing up, I was lucky to have friends and family who gave me good advice, and their support helped me make the most out of the challenges I ran into. But as a...
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The agoraphobic son of a rock legend fights to keep his Boston town house and with the help of the little girl next door, learns to step outside again.
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This is a collection of 25 short stories and poems extracted from the author's life experience. One is very sad, many are quite mad, and the author is quite glad he's through those tumultuous times. The stories evolve around a central theme of self discovery and self examination. Some stories are...
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Gayle Fortman has built a good life for herself and her three sons.  Divorced from charismatic broadcast journalist Eric Fortman, Gayle has made a success of Daugther of the Stars, a popular bed-and-breakfast.   Then, on the eve of the eldest son Jared's graduation, Eric returns, but not for the...
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Jiang and Ming, a loving Chinese couple with two kids, disappointed by their inadequate material life in China, decide to divorce so Jiang can marry a rich but much older overseas Chinese, Humphrey, in order to enjoy a good life in America.After being in a wealthy but loveless marriage with...
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A chapbook of 18 heartfelt poems about the undoing of a marriage.
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After an eleven year marriage to a man she loved beyond reason, a beautiful son, living at the top of the economic scale, an unexpected brutal and public divorce ends it all. At age fifty, broke, her son living with his dad and stepmother, Pat Montandon, indeed, rises from...
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Beyond a handsome face and perfect body, Frankie Ferraro has few assets, but that doesn't stop him from having big ambitions. Young and romantic, he finds the life led by his immigrant father, his adoring mother, his hard-working sister, by his entire extended family, to be ordinary, and dull. He...
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Author Mel Krantzler has helped millions of divorced people with his book Creative Divorce: A New Opportunity for Personal Growth. In The New Creative Divorce, they take into account changes like the availability of no-fault divorces, the impact of the women's movement, and the increasing social...