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This collection considers some of our progress and loss over the last millenium.  Frequent themes revolve around nature, science, the unexpected, relationships, parenting, confusion, dreams.  Styles and forms range from free verse to more formal structures.
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Poetry in various forms and styles about living in Kyoto, Japan; language itself; losing relatives and lovers; simple joys of being alive; various emotional states.
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Prague depicts an intentionally lost Lost Generation as it follows five American expats who come to Budapest in the early 1990s to seek their fortune — financial, romantic, and spiritual — in an exotic city newly opened to the West. They harbor the vague suspicion...
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Walker Woman is environmental poetry about a Western American myth/woman who survives death of her father, best friend, and love affair through love of and connection with the American earth. The book has a series of poems about a teacher fighting layoffs and cuts in the program in which she is...
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In Christopher Meeks's new book, The Brightest Moon of the Century, Edward, a young Minnesotan, is blessed with an abundance of "experience"--first when his mother dies and next when his father, an encyclopedia salesman, shoehorns Edward into a private boys school where he's tortured and...
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Three years after the disappearance of her beloved brother, a California girl reaches out to a girl on the other side of the world--hoping she will turn out to be much more than an internet friend. Told in a kind of gothic trance, from two points of view, about daring to trust that someone out...
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Growing up in the Missouri Ozarks in the 1960s and ’70s, Wade Rouse was always a bit of an outsider.  While some of his roughneck peers wore Wrangler jeans and had stylish crew cuts, Wade feathered his golden hair and sported a handmade leatherwork belt bearing his unfortunate childhood nickname,...
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When Lauren "Ren" D'Arc's novelist mother is crushed to death by a stack of Harry Potter books, the teen moves with her dad from NYC to suburban CT where she becomes involved in a sort-of mystery centering on an online predator.
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Months and Seasons is the follow-up story collection to Christopher Meeks's award-winning The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea. With a combination of main characters from young to old and with drama and humor, the tales pursue such people as a supermodel who awakens after open-heart surgery, a famous...