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A young girl loses her mother to lung cancer. She is surronded by her "supposed" family at the funeral home.
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Elaine is an excerpt from Benjamin's novel Fidelity.
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After 20 years of living with a chronic illness, Zoe FitzGerald Carter's mother decided to end her life - and asked her three daughters to help her. For months, the decision dragged on as her mother changed her methods and her "death dates," stirring up difficult family memories, sibling...
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THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS BOOK V … HEATHER BY L. DIANE WOLFE  When confidence turns to frustration… A new beginning awaits Heather Jennings. The position at Clemson means she will finally realize her dream of coaching basketball. Heather is ready to focus on her duties, using sheer force if necessary...
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A revealing abundance of startling data, flase perceptions, bizarre fallacies, and some totally unexpected statist about how, why, when and where we die.
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Calliope Reaper-Jones is Death's Daughter. She owes a debt to Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards the gate's of hell-a debt that involves a trip to Purgatory, Las Vegas, ancient Egypt, and a discount department store that's more frightening than any supernatural creature she'll ever...
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Is your family a little weird? Do you have a couple of "dysfunctional" family members? You're not alone! Chicken Soup for the Soul presents YOUR FAMILY! This great new collection of stories highlights our wacky yet lovable relatives, holiday meltdowns, funny foibles, and incredible in-...
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Having a spouse, sibling, or parent with Alzheimer’s affects a family in every way possible—and can leave people feeling like they have nowhere to turn. The moving stories in this new collection help readers recognize they are not alone—and provide comfort for those who need it now more than ever....
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This Debut Novel by David Pyle is a new Supernatural Thriller centered in historical Natchez, Mississippi. The main character James Earl Williams has inherited something unusual that he doesn't want to receive. With the inheritance he has also picked up a tormenting enemy, invading every facet of...
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"The Journey, The Dreams, & AnnaBelle" touches on the lives of three generations of the authors family. Edgil & Minnie "Griffith" Wicker, their daughter, AnnaBelle "Wicker" Bollan, and then her daughter, (the author) Carolyn Sue "Bollan" Morris. From...