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You have an old friend who holds, in amber, all the possibilities of who you were supposed to become. Together, as teenagers, you shared a criminal joy. What happens when you have been looking for her and find her, finally, in later life? You're a lawyer and she has a father on death row. LOLA,...
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  Irene and Nate Stanley are living a quiet and contented life with their two children, Bliss and Shep, on their family farm in southern Illinois when Nate suddenly announces he’s been offered a job as a deputy sheriff in Oregon. Irene fights her husband. She doesn’t want to uproot her family...
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THE CRYING TREE is about a mother who must overcome the hate, grief, and secrets that surround the murder of her 15 year old son - and defy church and family - as she attempts to stop the execution of the man who killed her boy. THE CRYING TREE was released in hardcover by Broadway/Doubleday July 7...
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From veteran journalist Kevin Davis comes the compelling and critically acclaimed true story of a group of battle-hardened lawyers fighting for those accused of the ultimate crime. Davis takes you behind the scenes with an elite and fascinating group of public defenders who handle only one kind of...